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Calling all artists! 

Want to showcase your snapchat art on this segment?

Overview:  I started a new segment called Motivational Monday on SoulPancake. Check out SoulPancake’s website for more info. They are a motivational social media brand that promotes positivity. I wanted to take the opportunity to feature talented artists because art inspires a lot of people! And also give artists a platform to showcase their talents to thousands of people. 
  • Choose your favorite motivational quote.
  • Create art inspired by that quote. The video shows an example of the segment and art! 
  • Credit: I will put the black credit box, you don’t need to worry. Just let me know where to put it.
  • I’ll shoot you an email when it’s about to go live. 
  • It’s a pretty cool thing to be on SoulPancake. It’s co-founded by celebrity Rainn Wilson and their inspirational content have appeared on MTV, Oprah and ABC Family. So feel free show off to people that your art will premiere on the SoulPancake Snapchat channel

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