Mplatco: Van Gogh of Snapchat

Snaplight on MPlatco

This former teacher, now a full time Snapchatter, has wowed his audience and made a mark with his Van Gogh like art with major brands such as Major League Soccer, NBC The Voice, and Pretty Little Liars. He took his hobby in art and made a career with it. Definitely an inspiration and a Snapchatter to follow.

What MPlatco has to Say About His Snaps

I like to make snaps that insert myself into my favorite fandoms (Harry Potter / Doctor Who) or pop culture moments that will get people to laugh. Sometimes they are quick and sour of the moment, other times I spend hours planning, practicing and executing them. The best part of Snapchat, to me, is having the ability to make art at a moments notice and then out it into my followers hands immediately. 

MPlatco’s Snapchat Gallery

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