Miabopia: Bringing Animated Characters to Life on Snapchat

Snaplight on Miabopia

We all love iconic cartoon characters from our childhood. Snapchat artist Miabopia takes her daily snaps a step further with her Disney inspired illustrations. You can find more of her entertaining snapsterpieces on her Instagram gallery.

What Miabopia Has to Say About Her Snaps

When I finally got Snapchat, it was mostly my sister and I sending silly pics to each other. I soon started experimenting with the drawing side of it, and was horrible. But having drawn my whole life, I saw it as a new challenge, on a new medium. I kept practicing, and sent fun drawings to friends and family. I decided to post a few drawings on Instagram, just for my friends’ entertainment. They started to get likes from well-known Snap Artists. I was thrilled! Those artists inspired me to keep going, and keep practicing my craft. I’m excited to be one of them.

Miabopia’s Snapchat Gallery

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Dory Genie Maximus Mine Squirt tangled terminator Ariel