Salliasnap: Clashing Science and Art to Make One Awesome Snapchat Story

Snaplight on Salliasnap

Salliasnap is an engineer by day and Snapchatter by night. Besides astonishing her audience with her incredibly detailed snapchat art, she has a weekly segment named SalliaScience where she performs and educates her viewers about science.

What Salliasnap has to Say About Her Snaps

My sister suggested I try it. It’s a creative outlet for my technical life. It’s something I can use to unwind after school or work. Drawing gives me something to focus on when I have nothing to do while alleviating my social anxiety. Specifically with Snapchat and Instagram, I can reach a larger audience. This means I get to meet other artists. It’s nice for feedback. Also I’d describe my “art” as “one step above a selfie.

Salliasnap’s Snapchat Gallery

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