Taylor.Nikolai: Get Your Daily Giggle on Snapchat With this Funny Guy

Snaplight on Taylor.Nikolai

Need a daily laugh? This guy delivers daily jokes (clean) that is sure to make you chuckle. He’s also the host of WTFFacts on Snapchat, a channel that will leave you scratching your head with crazy facts!

What Taylor.Nikolai Has to Say About His Snaps

I do Snapchat because I know it’s the future of everything. That seems like a vague statement but hear me out — Snapchat is taking hold in social media in every way imaginable right now: from communication to media distribution. It’s simply where the attention is, and I (obviously) like attention. I like making people happy.

The messages I receive from my viewers make my day, and have become the main reason I’m always excited to put out content. I regularly get messages that make me happy in a way I can’t describe. I love my viewers.

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