TristanTales: Eye Candy Who Lets His Viewers Dictate His Adventures

Snaplight on TristanTales

Tristan Tales is college eye candy who takes his viewers on spontaneous adventures often letting the viewers dictate what he does next.

What TristanTales Has to Say About His Snaps

I love to tell stories, ever since I could remember I’ve been a storyteller. I like to craft narratives that take my snapchat friends on hilarious and unpredictable adventures. I may be a bit mischievous at times but always in good fun and I often aim to promote a positive message.

I like snapchat because there’s an authenticity and spontaneity about it. I never know how my story will end or who I will meet. I really love being able to bring so many people from all around the world on adventures with me. Every time I speak to my snapchat friends through my stories, I truly feel connected to them and that’s a really cool feeling that I find unique to only Snapchat.

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