GeeOhSnap: Smile! You Might Be This Guy’s Next Snapchat Art

Snaplight on GeeOhSnap

Smile! You never know when you might make it in to someone’s Snapchat masterpieces! GeeOhSnap takes pictures of unsuspecting people and creates hilarious snapart with them. This guy mixes creativity with humor!

What GeeOhSnap Has to Say About His Snaps

It all started when I accidentally took a picture of a random person while checking snapchat out. I drew on it and I sent it to some friends. I got really good feedback from them. My girlfriend told me that I should continue to make these types of pictures, so I did.
How do I do it?
I take sneaky pictures of unsuspecting people. Lol, I almost sound like an creep, but I’m far too good of a person to be something like that. When I take a snap, I start to sketch different ideas and setup and finally chose the one I think will be the best and the one that makes me smile the most.
Why do I make snapart?
I really love making people happy and smile. There is far to much negativity, pressure and sadness around. So if you have a bad day, I hope that I at least I brought a smile on your face by viewing my snaps. Keep smiling!

GeeOhSnap‘s Snapchat Gallery

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