OperAmericano: Drawing and Singing Her Way to Thousands of Snapchat Feeds

Snaplight on OperAmericano

If her art doesn’t impress you already, OperAmericano singing on her weekly segment named “What’s The Tune Tuesday” should do the trick. Young, bubbly and full of creativity, she creates fun Snapchat story that’s sure to impress!

What OperAmericano Has to Say About Her Snaps

There’s a nickname I like to give all Snapchat artists and Storytellers: Problem Solver.This is because Snapchat is, at first glance, a rather limited platform. I get so excited when I see someone take the simple tools of the app and creating something fun and exciting to watch! To me, being a successful Snapchatter is all about finding a new ways to use the platform to it’s full potential, experimenting and taking their story to a completely new level.
One of the ways I try do this is by taking music and Snapchat art and combining them to create an experience like none other! I also am always looking for a way to involve my audience, so that you really feel like you are part of the adventure. You may find yourself trekking a forest for a new crypto-zoological creature, laughing along with the very punny and comic-book style inspired series entitled “The ‘Pun’isher”, or wracking your brain for the name of the weekly song during “What’s That Tune Tuesday”. You might even discover yourself featured IN one of my stories!
Where is the next Snapchat adventure with OperAmericano going to take you? Only one way to find out, give me a follow! I can’t wait to meet you.

OperAmericano’s Snapchat Gallery

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