YodaDidntDie: Turn Your Professor Into Superman

Snaplight on YodaDidntDie

Who’s saying Yoda died? Did he? Is this username a spoiler? This skimboarder, artist and obviously a star wars fan will spice up any snapchat feed with a good variety of fun snaps.

What YodaDidntDie Has to Say About His Snaps

I Snapchat because it is an easy and fun way to quickly share your artwork as well share videos and easily stay in contact with other.  I think it is a great platform for one’s imagination and creativity to run wild.  The possibilities are endless, considering you can literally take a picture of whatever you want, draw anything on it, add text, even put little emojis all over it now, but I just want to optimize it’s use and get the best I can out of Snapchat.

YodaDidntDie Snapchat Gallery

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