This College Student is Getting Thousands of Views for on Snapchat for His Cartoons

Snaplight on JustCartoonz

Check out the amazing work by this college student getting ample attention for his cartoon artworks created on Snapchat.

What JustCartoonz Has to Say About Snaps

Im a 19 year old collage student working on a double bachelors degree in communications and tv/radio production…which as we all know it is pretty hard to make it in that type of business. So haveing all my ideas and dreams and productions writen on paper i said to myself “i better get moving if i really want to make it” and well viners there are plenty, youtubers, more then you can count but snapchat, snapchat the disappearing media where you only have 24 hours to show the world, what better way to share my work, dreams and imagination then snapchat, thats where its at, thats where i want to start, thats the challenge i want, ..therefore creating JustCartoonz, which was suppose to be just cartoons but turned out to be much more, i started making funny videos which people started to like, my drawings were getting more the 100 screenshots and before you know it in 3 months i was no longer called Erick but JustCartoonz the first Puerto Rican snapchatter currently living in puerto rico but i do all my work in english, i still have a ways to go but step by step, i do have a part time job which i hate, i want to work full time on snapchat, not for the fame or fortune but for the smiles and laughs, i like to make people laugh, Ive always been that clown kid in class making people laugh so now i just want to share it. Just for a smile on snapchat.

JustCartoonz Snapchat Gallery

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