100 Heroes and 100 Villains Drawn on Snapchat

Snaplight on CadeMoody85

One skillfully drawn hero on Snapchat is enough to impress people, but this guy drew 100 heroes and 100 villains! Dedication and an INCREDIBLE achievement! Hats off to this guy!

What CadeMoody85 Has to Say About His Snaps

I’ve been on snapchat for a long time. And what’s kept me going is that I truly do just enjoy doing it. Along with all the fantastic people I have met and worked with along way is just amazing.  All that I have Snapchatters and friends I have made, would have never thought this would have such a large part of my life. Hopefully I can keep going for as long as I can.

CadeMoody85 Snapchat Gallery

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