The Punniest and Most Playful Snapchats from this Cool “Dood”

Snaplight  on PixelPersuasion

Say hi to the character Dood L. Snaps and get ready for clever Snapchats that play on words and pictures.

What PixelPersuasion has to say about his Snapchats

I’m am Jeff,
I snap for me and for you.
Selfishly, I often do snap drawings because the are a way for me to “defuse”…because werrkk (insert crazy face emoji)…
Apparently some of the things that make me laugh in my head, also make some of you LOL – like literally. For instance, “Hats on Monkeys” are as much my favorite as they are for many of my snapfriends. Other than that, my snaps don’t have much in the way of theme. It’s more of a refrigerator door approach if you know what I mean.
And then there’s Dood, short for Dood L. Snaps. Sometimes he’s on the fridge…sometimes he in the fridge…you never know.

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