You Can Now Play Pacman on Snapchat

Snaplight on ShaunAyala

Yes, you can play your favorite games like Pacman and Donkey Kong on Snapchat. Don’t believe me? Add ShaunAyala on Snapchat to see!

What ShaunAyala has to say about his snapchats

Snapchat provides for me a outlet where I can dream up, doodle, and create interactive stories where everyone is a part of the story! I enjoyed drawing while growing up. I love that in using snapchat, my pictures can literally come to life and allow friends to play a part in it. Connecting with people like CyreneQ, Shonduras, Wysamx and so many other influential people on Snapchat has been fun and truly inspiring. My goal is to create content that’s more than just a drawing – I want to create games, create moments, create interactions, and bring to life dreams people can relate to and engage with. I love meeting new people and creating stories they love! That’s why I do what I do on Snapchat.  

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