How Basic Filming Techniques Can Be Used On Snapchat

Ready, set, action! When filming in Snapchat, a lot can be overlooked, especially when it comes to camera placement during a story. Knowing the right shooting techniques can add great features to a story while making it look professional, yet natural. Determining which ones to use can be tricky — let me help with a few types.

Proper Panning.

One example of a technique is the use of proper panning. This can help achieve horizontal movement in the shot which draws you into the story as opposed to distracting from it. In addition, adding the zoom function while panning leaves the subject in the story the same portion of the frame, to emphasize or de-emphasize the subject.
 Dutch Shot.

Another such technique is the Dutch Shot — an angular shot that is rotated about the camera axis, resulting in tilted verticals. The advantage of such a shot is to elicit a sense of unease and disorientation in the viewer. Albeit not used in a lot of stories, this particular technique can give a unique feel to the story.

Dutch angle shot (1 of 1)

Tilt Shot.

The most common technique is the Tilt Shot, in which the camera tilts up or down, akin to a pan but done vertically. This adds mystery to the shot as you wait to see what is to be revealed as the tilt is performed. Executing this shot requires confidence and smoothness, as to not disorientate the viewer.


There are many other fundamental styles of shots that are widespread in the filming industry. Utilizing such techniques in your Snapchat story will not only add to the unique style of in which it is filmed, but will allow the story to unfold naturally — hollywood style.

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