Charlie Sheen’s Username on Snapchat

charlie sheen snapchat celebrity snapcode

Celebrity bad boy and all around crazy person Charlie Sheen is now on Snapchat.  You can add him by his Snapchat Username listed above. Charlie Sheen became a social media celebrity when he became the fastest person at the time to a million followers and captivated people around the world with his insane ramblings and #Winning attitude.  This happened shortly after he was fired from Two and Half Men  in 2011. Following his Twitter fame, Charlie Sheen then went on a bazaar media tour/show which ended with mixed reviews. He has recently been in the news for coming out as HIV positive.  Regardless of his past behavior, Charlie Sheen is an entertainer and he’s damn good at it. At the very least this Snapchat experiment should be very interesting. Charlie Sheen’s snapchat username is Masheen55.

Charlie Sheen HIV positive Snapchat celebrity username

Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood Winning on Snapchat

charlie sheen snapchat celebrity hiv

Charlie Sheen is Masheen55 on Snapchat


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