Do Native Snapchat Stars Really Exist?

Are Snapchat Stars unicorns? Do they really exist?

A recent article from makes a bold claim that “one place you won’t discover any native stars: Snapchat…there are no Snapchat stars.

As a founder of, a website dedicated to recognizing people who do amazing things on Snapchat, I’d have to disagree.

What Makes Someone a Social Media Star?

Across all social platforms, Social Media Stars are defined by their fan base, awards and press popularity. But the question is, has someone ever grown their fan base organically through Snapchat?

Snapchat is a closed platform, there’s no user suggestion page and it’s difficult to discover user-generated content within the app. How can content even go viral on Snapchat? Unless you are a celebrity or famous somewhere else and you drive your audience to your Snapchat account, it seems impossible to grow an audience on Snapchat.

Snapchat Stars are social media superheroes with powers. Of all social media stars, Snapchat Stars are the most clever because they have overcome what others can’t even comprehend and find impossible, which is growing an audience where no one can find you.

Enough with the Talk, Cough Up a List of Snapchat Stars

On this list, these Snapchatters gained fame and popularity solely based on their Snapchat work. Attached are links to articles referring to their work. These snapchatters are being recognized by prestigious websites, magazines, social media awards and even TV. Let us know if you would consider this list as “Snapchat Stars.”
















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