I Bet You Didn’t Know You Can Get Cooking Classes from Snapchat

Snaplight on TheSnapChatChef

When you think Snapchat is just for selfies, think again. Impress your friends with you new cooking skills and what’s even more impressive is that you learned it from Snapchat!

What TheSnapChatChef has to say about his Snapchat

I started TheSnapChatChef show a few months ago, after my first year in culinary school I decided that I wanted to so something different with food, my friends and family always would ask me for tips and tricks or how to make certain dishes. Since snapchat is my favorite platform right so I decided to upload videos on my story to help my friends and family in the kitchen. I believe snapchat is huge and the attention is there, I wanted to offer a new form of content for people to consume that had value.

What you can expect to see

CyreneQ is the creator of The11thSecond.com. The 11th Second started January 2014. It’s grown a lot ever since. Thank you for your support and great feedback on how The 11th Second has inspired, connected and helped Snapchatters all over the world discover the secret, disappearing world of Snapchat.