10 Hours In 10 Seconds With Lynn

How much time do you spend on Snapchat art?

The answer may vary depending on who you ask. Let’s break the answer in a parallel manner with a Walking Dead reference, if you lost count of how many walkers you have killed in the Walking Dead, does it mean you have killed way too many? Well, the same principle can be considered for Snapchat Artists, because they can’t really tell how many hours they have spent making Snapchat art. But the generic answer you would typically get from asking about time spent on Snapchat art is “way too much time”.


Lucky for us, Snapchat Artist LynnJorgg puts all of her masterpieces into a cosmic blog “10 Hours In 10 Seconds” where they can be viewed indefinitely. Think of it as the museum of Snapchat arts, where all of her masterpieces are available for free at any time. But how does that feel to save something that was meant to vanish? Well, this is how Lynn answered this question on her blog.

“It feels kind of wrong to make Snapchat art available for viewing all the time, but I have spent far too much time on each of these to put them in the Trash folder”. –Lynn

Take a look at the following masterpieces and see if you could agree with her, because me as a Snapchat Artist; I agree one hundred percent.

LynnJorgg | Social Media
Snapchat: LynnJorgg
Website: 10 Hours In 10 Seconds

Stanley Odestin

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