Snap Stickers – The Mini Billboards of Snapchat

custom snap-01

YO HOMIES! I’m Samo, an energetic (that’s just a polite way of saying wacky) world traveling videographer who has been to 30ish countries and I LOVE sharing my adventures with people on Snapchat; but I have a problem:

Snapchat makes finding interesting people harder than beating an octopus in a tickle fight…and frankly, to be found is about as likely as finding Waldo in a Candy Cane Forest…

So I had an idea for a bold and risky experiment!

What if I got stickers made of my Snapchat Code, and plastered them everywhere I went on my next trip? Would it pay off?

What if I drop 60 bucks on 100 stickers and only make a handful of new friends? What if I put a sticker somewhere in a Chinese airport, get busted, and am detained for defacing property? Can’t Snapchat from a Chinese hard labor camp now can I?!?!

Far fetched you say? Well maybe Chinese imprisonment is a stretch, but an ineffective waste of money sure isn’t. So let’s find out what happens together!

First let’s make sure we are all on the same page and understand what a Snapcode is. I call it a Boo-R code (because of the Snapchat ghost) but in reality it is a QR code. All someone has to do is point their Snapchat camera at your little yellow polka-dot fellow, and it will add you as a snap friend! Radical!

You can take a picture for your snap code and download it directly in the app; however, that image is going to be about as high quality and attention-getting as Miley Cyrus wearing nothing but bedazzles that she crazy-glued to her no-no-zones! I mean it’ll get the job done…but inside you’ll probably hate yourself.

Fear not fellow snapper, for there is a solution!

Hop on your nearest internet computing machine and go to and log in with your snap credentials. Now you can download the actual vector files for your Boo-R code!

Side note – from this page you can also get a brand new code…you know just in case you accidentally put a sticker outside of a KKK clan meeting or a cat lady convention and start getting some unsavory followers! It could happen. I’m just saying.

So now you have the vector file, but you don’t even know what a vector file is…well buck up friend, the supermind of the interweb has your back! There are lot’s of free programs out there and all your problems will be solved with a quick ask of Mr. Jeeves or inquiry of His Royal Highness, Emperor Google (to whom I gladly submit complete control of my digital life)!

So get creative! Just make sure you are staying within the rules so that your snap code is still scannable. You can see the rules here:
But mostly, just test it out with your phone to see if it still works before you send it off to the magical land of stickerization.

You can see what I came up with in the video above, but I WISH I had made this version instead:

SnapCodeSticker_Blue Gradient_Word

OK, got yourself a design that’s fresher than the Prince of Bel Air? Rad! Now your choices are to either print them off and choose between double-sided tape and a glue stick…or go pay someone to make them into actual stickers.

I did the WRONG thing and went to a local store. Stupid expensive! Lucky for you, a quick BING search (Do not…EVER…use BING. Don’t even pretend. I can’t believe I even joked about it just now. I make me sick!) will bring up a ton of different sticker-maker options for you to compare and shop.

So what about me? Obviously I’m not writing this from the belly of a Chinese coal shaft…

Well, I had a blast with my illicit sticker graffiti and actually connected with some REALLY stellar people! Here is my favorite:

An airline worker at Denver Airport saw my sticker in the train. Added me. Next thing I know I’m seeing these wicked snaps from the runway as he’s literally racing his truck alongside an airplane about to take off!

Yeayuh! Worth it already! I’ll be stickin my stickers wherever I go, so snap me if you find one! Now I’m off to go explore like Dora! You know, except without getting lost despite having a map and thousands of children screaming the answer at me while I stare back with cold dead eyes…I’ll leave that to her.


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