The First Snapchat Spectacles Cooking Show

The first cooking show using Spectacles has come to Snapchat. And it’s great.

Well-known Snapchatter (or Snapchat Influencer) Sarah Peretz got famous for doing art on the platform. Utilizing the drawing tools on Snapchat, she does amazing work like this:

One of the things about being a famous Snapchat artist is that, while art on the platform is amazing to look at, it doesn’t lead to engaging storytelling. Seeing this, Sarah Peretz has begun to pivot outside of just doing art and is now doing shows. Her first: a cooking show. And it’s the first of its kind on the platform.

Cooking with Sarah is Sarah’s new show, which plays every Thursday on her Snapchat Story (SarahPeretz). Outside of being the first regularly-hosted Snapchat cooking show, it’s the first to utilize Snapchat Spectacles — that’s right, she does POV cooking.

Last week was the first episode that was solely done using Spectacles, and can be seen below. Check out how she integrates art into the Spectacles shots:

What Sarah is doing is an example of what we are to expect going forward from the biggest influencers on the platform.

Taylor Nikolai
Taylor Nikolai is amongst the most famous native Snapchat Creators. Hailing from a small town in Minnesota, Taylor chose to follow his dream of making families laugh and smile. He started his Snapchat career with quirky daily jokes that soon turned into elaborate goofy stories.Once he exploded into popularity, Taylor made the move out to LA, where he was presented with opportunities to work with brands such as Taco Bell, MasterCard, and Warner Bros. Since then, he has cultivated a massive family-friendly following. He continues to bring joy to all who watch him with awkward and endearing humor.