The First Snapchat Spectacles Influencer Campaign

I was lucky enough to get Spectacles.

The first day Snapchat Spectacles released, I happened to look at my Twitter feed to see people hysterically trying to get to Venice Beach, where the first Snapchat Spectacles vending machine was released. I saw pictures of people standing in line, and I figured it might be too late. I ordered an Uber to pick me up and BAM, I was in line. And I got them.

As one of the largest organic Snapchat Influencers in the world, I realized quickly that I should try to utilize them for branded content as soon as possible.

I reached out to Mastercard and they were thrilled. They were so excited about the opportunity to work with me on a Spectacles story that THAT NIGHT, they had an event they wanted me to go to.

Mastercard invited me to attend an exclusive Masterpass concert in LA, where Brad Paisley would be performing. They wanted me to give my followers a first-person view of my experience. This is my story:

Snapchat Spectacles give a completely new way to tell a story. No longer am I just telling you and showing you what I’m doing, I’m allowing you to experience it just as I do.

This is just the start. I’m so excited to begin having my followers go on all sorts of experiences with me. Snapchat has evolved to a point where this is no longer Influencer Marketing — this is experience marketing.

I can’t wait to see what brands will be willing to go on this adventure with me.

Taylor Nikolai
Taylor Nikolai is amongst the most famous native Snapchat Creators. Hailing from a small town in Minnesota, Taylor chose to follow his dream of making families laugh and smile. He started his Snapchat career with quirky daily jokes that soon turned into elaborate goofy stories.Once he exploded into popularity, Taylor made the move out to LA, where he was presented with opportunities to work with brands such as Taco Bell, MasterCard, and Warner Bros. Since then, he has cultivated a massive family-friendly following. He continues to bring joy to all who watch him with awkward and endearing humor.