There’s A New Snapchat Artist In Town

Ayesha is a new or better yet an upcoming Snapchat Artist

She is capable of tickling your spine on a daily basis with her impeccable Snapchat doodles. This gallery below if the living testament of her work, which I described as cleaned, colorful and a cartoonish twist that is very aesthetically pleasing. Her typography snaps could have you mistaken her for the Artist behind the AppleMusic Snapchat account; wait, she might actually be the one doing those amazing doodles. Actually, why don’t you give her a follow and ask her?

Ayesha Ambreen | Social Media
Snapchat: Ayesha.Ambreen

Stanley Odestin
Alo! I'm wysamx, I enjoy making art, interactive story and I host the "House Of Snaps" show that featured the best Snapchatters around the world. Fun fact about me, I'm always snapchatting. Always!