TenSecondTV on Snapchat is the Next Generation of Entertainment

Username: TenSecondTV

Let’s face it, people are spending more time on apps than watching TV. Here’s an innovative group of snapchatters bringing TV to where the crowd is now – on Snapchat! The channel offers everything a traditional TV channel has including craft shows, product reviews, news, weather and comedy! Definitely a great snapchat account to follow to give your feed an entertaining variety!


Their Pilot Lineup

TheMikeMC – host/interviews
Masterplumbob – weather
Matty.platty – product reviews
Taytinator9412 – crafty corner
Piiinky – piiinky rants
Makedo – andmend- European news
Mothepanda – panda workouts
CyreneQ is the creator of The11thSecond.com. The 11th Second started January 2014. It’s grown a lot ever since. Thank you for your support and great feedback on how The 11th Second has inspired, connected and helped Snapchatters all over the world discover the secret, disappearing world of Snapchat.