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Through Our Lenses

Through Our Lenses is a Snapchat-made documentary told by 25 individuals inviting us to get a glimpse of their daily life. Each storyteller captured and edited their own documentary with only a smartphone and the app Snapchat. By allowing the storytellers to document themselves, it gives the most authentic representation of their lives, through their very own lenses. Come see the story of artists, musicians, nomads, thrill seekers and so much more, told and created by the amazing individuals themselves.

Full movie is available to watch at the bottom of this article. 

Film-Making History

Through Our Lenses was the first feature-length Snapchat-made movie to make its premiere at a film festival. It made its debut at the Bentonville Film Festival on May 6, 2017.

NYC Times Square Billboard

Trailer for the movie was featured in NYC Times Square Billboard sponsored by Hard Candy for the Bentonville Film Festival.


Produced by CyreneQ

Audrey Spencer as Cakes1ToDough1

Alex Richter as Decalex

Aaron Martinez as AaronFPS

Shaun Ayala as ShaunAyala

Candice Ayala as CandiceAyala

Drew Binsky as DrewBinsky

Georgio Bassil as Georgio.Copter

Lindsey Margolis as Piiinky

Steven Paananen as StevenBalloons

Danny Berk as DannyBerk

Mark Kaye as MarkKaye

Jason Wong as Poor

Geir Pederson as GeeOhSnap

Cailin O’Neil as CailinOneil

Soraya Fouladi as Soraya26

Shaun Mcbride as Shonduras

CJ as OperAmericano

Mike Metzler as Metz044

Chino Yuseco as TurbanChino

Evan Garber as EMGarber

Didi Martin as DidiRio

Alef Martin as ThisIsAlef

Sallia Goldstein as Salliasnap

Ahmed Ali as BananaAnd7Kiwis

Cyrene Quiamco as CyreneQ

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