Why the Latest Snapchat Update is Making People Angry

Snapchat is usually known for its innovative features that people eagerly anticipate with every big update. But what is it about this latest update that are making people second think on updating to the latest version?

The Android and iOS version of the app have had some differences in features since the beginning. One of the biggest disparity is the drawing palette. On Android, the color palette contains pre-selected colors which makes it easier for artists to color-match and get the same color consistently. The Android version also contained transparent colors. Transparent colors made it possible to add highlights and shadows not only on drawings, but also photos without having to meticulously color-match the object with a shadow or highlight color.

Many Snapchat artists, Snapchat users who use the app to express their creativity, have always preferred the Android version. They are able to create intricate works of art with the tools provided. Some artworks would not be possible, or would take twice as long to create without the pre-selected colors and the transparent color options.

The latest update 10.8.1 removed the pre-selected colors and transparent colors for Android users. Many users did not welcome the update.


Snapchat isn’t well known to support its creator community or openly welcome feedback from its users. According to a Buzzfeed article, even “Snapchat’s top influencers have felt neglected for years.” With the lack of ways to communicate, users have expressed their opinions through snaps (#oldsnapcolorsback as its #1 Top Story trend for 24 hours on Snapchat) and tweets in hopes that Snapchat does see and listen to its loyal user’s feedback for new features.

While many artists and influencers, such as myself, have stayed loyal to the app, the lack of communication with its actual users for feedback does leave most disappointed. I don’t want to disregard that I do have means to communicate directly with Snapchat for my feedback, but, I have doubts that my sole opinion, even as an influencer who’ve supported the platform since the beginning, would create any impact on decisions. If Snapchat is reading this, I want to suggest extending their line of communications to more users, more creatives, more influencers who use the app features in innovative ways they haven’t even imagined.

I love Snapchat and I always will. It has created a new world of opportunities for me and many others, new ways to express art, new ways to tell our stories, but would appreciate if we get a little voice on new updates and features. Thanks!


CyreneQ is the creator of The11thSecond.com. The 11th Second started January 2014. It’s grown a lot ever since. Thank you for your support and great feedback on how The 11th Second has inspired, connected and helped Snapchatters all over the world discover the secret, disappearing world of Snapchat.