The Snapchat Artist Who Brings His Drawings To Life!


If you thought that the art of Snapchat drawing was a thing of the past, think again! Reinhard De Jonghe, known as Reinhard19 on Snapchat, is a UK based Snapchatter who bursted through the doors of creativity and inspired us with his amazingly fun and quirky stories!
Reinhard began his Snapchat journey out of pure boredom. It only took about a year before people were fascinated by his art which is more commonly known as still-life drawings in a moving video!
Snapchat became his main outlet that has not only allowed him to express his creativity, but also to bring his drawings, quite literally, to life!

Reinhard’s talent goes beyond the realms of Snapchat art; for he also has a series called “Stop Motion Saturday” where he creates engaging stop motion videos just for Snapchat. Reinhard has been featured on many websites including Buzzed and About-Blank Co. for his unique style of Snapchat Art.

His favorite thing about Snapchat the fact that his followers are able to participate in his stories along with him. “I love how you can create your own world on Snapchat, there is no limit to what you can do!”

Be sure to add Reinhard on Snapchat and see for yourself what this talented storytelling artist can do!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll see!

With a background in journalism and graphic design, Lindsey, known as Piiinky, quickly gained her influencer status through Snapchat art and humor. Her passion for social media sparked when she discovered the impact it has to people around the world. She has worked with various brands in the creation of engaging and comical stories that audiences of all ages can relate and enjoy!humor Her passion for social media sparked when she discovered Snapchat art and quickly gained her influencer status known as Piiinky. She makes her impact through art and humor and has work with various brands