5 Snapchatters That Need More Attention

I don’t know about you, but I find it frustrating when every article suggests the same Snapchatters every time they feature people to follow. And so, I have made a list of five incredible accounts that, for once, you have probably never heard of..

…and you’ll thank me later.


The most unique account that you will witness on Snapchat. Mike describes himself as a madman fueled by alcohol on a mission to avenge the death of his dreams. But if I had to describe him with a more humanized definition, TheMikeMC is a freestyling, no sugarcoating opinion oriented Snapchat comedian who somehow incorporates colorful, quirky, pop culture inspired Snaps that target an extreme variety of audiences around the world.

And being able to relate to so many different types of people while still embracing us with his controversial mind is almost impossible. So I strongly advise that you check out TheMikeMC; you literally never know what you’re going to get, but you’ll also never be disappointed!

“Nothing is safe. Nothing is sacred. Everything is a joke.” -TheMikeMC


When it comes to social media in general, one thing that you need that, unfortunately, a lot influencers do not have, is authenticity. And if you aren’t authentic, are you really an influencer? In my opinion, not likely.

Joe Wilson thrives on inspiring you to just be yourself by way of straight to the point, intuitive life lessons that he manages to teach in an insanely funny way..just by how he speaks!

If you happen to be as empathetic as JoeWilsonTV, then I can readily assume that you understand the importance of caffeine, which is why Joe Wilson is also known for his giant mug of coffee.

And also his cat gray cat named Mike who never fails to remind us that, when it comes down to it, regardless of the social class you fall into, we are all famous to a few people. CLINK!

“Build the social media neighborhood you want to live in.” -JoeWilsonTV


Any conversation or article revolving around money is typically so boring that you would probably rather want to run face first into a wall. And that is precisely why GregChatsCash stands out in an extravagant way!

Greg doesn’t just teach you about his money saving hacks, he inspires you to take control of any finically situation you happen to find yourself in and dominate it. Own it. He wants you to know that money should not control your life, and that, contrary to my own former belief, everything is fixable as long as you know how.

Also he’s like, really really funny.

But seriously, don’t take it from me..add GregChatsCash on Snapchat, even if it’s for pure entertainment!

“I like to say that I provide free financial education to help people get #GetMoney & build #WealthHealth. But I also say a lot of things because I talk too much.” -GregChatsCash


Don’t even lie, you love to hate puns and, most of the time, it’s just way more fun that way..except when you have the talent and passion to take those puns and physically animate them!

MannBilly is best described as the “do it for the Vine” guy, but for Snapchat. And his stories are, quite literally, the funniest, most creative stories that anybody has ever compiled!

Billy has been featured in many articles and platforms, and he totally deserves it!


Scookz is one of the very first Snapchat Artists that I’ve ever stumbled upon years ago and to this day, he remains one of my favorites and also one of the best!

Known for his incredible portrait drawings, Scookz can take any photo of any person, monster, superhero, or villain and turn it into one of his intriguing-to-stare at drawings right on Snapchat.

I have much respect for the artists out there on Snap as it takes hours sometimes to complete one drawing. Many artists have even dropped off from the platform as time went by but Scookz managed to hold on to that passion he has and you can feel it right through the screen. So if you’re looking for an amazing new artist, Scookz would be the one!

With a background in journalism and graphic design, Lindsey, known as Piiinky, quickly gained her influencer status through Snapchat art and humor. Her passion for social media sparked when she discovered the impact it has to people around the world. She has worked with various brands in the creation of engaging and comical stories that audiences of all ages can relate and enjoy!humor Her passion for social media sparked when she discovered Snapchat art and quickly gained her influencer status known as Piiinky. She makes her impact through art and humor and has work with various brands