11 Seconds to Success

Learn how to take your passion, get paid for it and become a social media influencer.

• How to harness your personal creativity and apply it to the real world.
• What CyreneQ really means in her motto “No excuses for starving artists!”
• How to “do what you love and the money will follow.
• Up your social media IQ and your earning quotient, too!

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About CyreneQ

Cyrene Quiamco “CyreneQ” is a content creator specialized in Snapchat and one of the top social media influencers. She’s worked with some of the top brands conducting red carpet celebrity interviews to covering various events, movie screenings, and high profile media promotions. Her Snapchat work has received numerous pieces of positive recognition and press such as Forbes and Vanity Fair. She was named one of the “Most Fascinating people on the Internet” by Cosmopolitan and “Top 10 Coolest Snapchat Accounts” by New York Mag. Business Insider dubbed her as a “Top Snapchat Star.”


What People Have To Say

  • “Cyrene embodies what it means to be a true creator in today’s content-filled landscape. She embraces community, stays true to herself, and her Snapchat skills and knowledge are unmatched. In 11 Seconds is All You Need, she feeds our appetite to create with a healthy dose of motivation and inspiration.”

    Nick Cicero, CEO and Founder of Delmondo

  • “11 seconds is all Cyrene needs to make you see what a creative force she is. Her work not only is of the highest creative and technical quality, but it brings joy to anyone who is lucky enough to watch it.”

    Bayan Joonam, Director of Digital and Production of SoulPancake

  • “Cyrene is full of life, pushing herself artistically for her followers by exploring; creating and sharing this beautiful world we live in one story at a time and remarkably in only 11 seconds at a time!”

    Jeremy Lock, Retired U.S. Air Force MSgt Photojournalist

  • “Cyrene continues to innovate & expand her talents everyday. All while helping the community discover other upcoming artists.”

    Jess Phillips, CEO of The Social Standard

  • “Cyrene did not become a Snapchat star because of her artwork, but because she has perfected the art of storytelling.”

    Adam Gausepohl, CEO PopShorts

  • “Cyrene has a creative, generous, and fun spirit that she perfectly manages to captivate with in just a few seconds via social media or in just a few pages of print. Her energy and passion is contagious but also, with her help, attainable.”

    Larry Betz, Chief Development Officer Youth Home, Inc.

  • “Cyrene’s passion and creativity is beyond refreshing & authentic. In 11 Seconds is All You Need, she takes this passion and creativity and helps you market your artistic voice to the right audience.”

    Mike Courtney, Founder of Aperio Insights

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