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We don’t just write content about Snapchat, we live, breathe and are a part of the Snapchat community. We are specialist in this field. So when we say something is awesome…it probably is. The 11th Second was created January 2014 [See Old Site]. Thank you for your support and great feedback on how The 11th Second has inspired, connected and helped Snapchatters all over the world discover the secret, disappearing world of Snapchat. 

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Meet the Team

CyreneQ Founder

CyreneQ is the creator of The11thSecond. She also creates a full, interactive experience unique to Snapchat. Her audience are part of her story – they become celebrity interviewers, they become the stars, they become the story. From user-submitted questions for celebrity interviews, username adding parties, interactive games, drawing lessons, artist collaborations, and more. See her portfolio at


ShaunAyala is a Snapchat Interactive Storyteller. He enjoys creating stories and games featuring animated characters and special guest features starring his snapchat friends. His recent games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and the Walking Dead are fan favorites! Shaun also loves to talk Snapchat Strategy and Tips on how to use Snapchat effectively. His primary focus is teaching and sharing tips on how to grow and engage a following by being a storyteller using the platform. Read more about tips and strategies at


TaylorNikolai is from a small town of Stillwater, Minnesota. Taylor chose to follow his dream of making families laugh and smile. He started his Snapchat career with quirky daily jokes that soon turned into elaborate goofy stories. Taylor made the move out to L.A., where he was presented with opportunities to work with brands such as Taco Bell, MasterCard, and Warner Bros. Since then, he has cultivated a massive family-friendly following.


WYSAMX, best known as a Snapchat creator who strives to feed his audience with breathtaking arts, short comedy skits. With his unique style of story-telling, he’s always on the verge of doing interactive story that includes his audience. Under his belt are collaborations work for UNICEF, Comic Relief and the Ad Council. Aside from spreading greatness, he also hosts an interview show that highlights the best Snapchatters around the world.


DECALEX is famous for his witty, clever and often hilarious hand lettering, A.K.A calligraphy art. He takes his audience behind-the-scenes with Snapchat on how he writes out these beautiful ink masterpieces. He was a featured guest on SoulPancake Snapchat. 


Mike Metzler or Metz044 Is a Snapchat Artist and storyteller from Houston Texas.  Originally achieving Snapchat fame when Snapart of his Corgi went viral.  Metz now snaps from events all over the US. In addition to Snapart, Metz specializes in designing and implementing micro video campaigns on Vine, Snapchat and Instagram for brands.  


Salliasnap is an up-and-comping snapchatter who uses playful illustrations and animations to reinterpret her day-to-day life and to tell stories that are tailored to snapchat’s user interface. Salliasnap maintains a high level of interaction with her audience by replying to her follower’s questions, reposting content, and featuring new artists on the11thsecond.


OperAmericano is a Snapchat Artist/Storyteller that adores what she does! Originally she created her Snapchat account to keep up with her siblings and friends’ lives on a day to day basis, but started to enjoy the artistic side to it and began making her stories into comics and quirky drawings. Upon discovering the Snapchat Artist Community, she was all in!

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